this website is devoted to The real parts of the journey.

sharing pieces of my life, my training, my opinions, my triumphs, and my defeats, with no filter, no BS.

A  few years ago my post partum saggy belly skin and ab separation made me "internet famous." For real, when it went viral it was partly funny to me, but partly eye opening. I think what it really showed was people weren't talking about things like post partum real bodies, or the care that was needed, the stigma that some women feel with their bodies. Part of this is what inspired me to launch the website. I've had so many women reach out about needing help after babies, about their female health, eating disorders, my training after kids, my self talk, that I thought, what other issues are out there, that we really aren't talking about, honestly and openly?  It can appear that people have it all figured out and that their lives are put together. I'm learning everyday, how to be a mom. How to gain and keep body confidence, how to believe in something, and how running gets me through all of it. So if that sparks your interest, this is the place to be.